Introducing Pearl Isabella Gustin

The newest four legged member of our family, Pearl.  Her full name is Pearl Isabella Gustin, so her initials are PIG.  I’ve been calling her Notorious PIG and Piggie Smalls in addition to Pearl.


She is a Juliana pig, so she’ll stay on the small side.  She can get up to 30-50 pounds.  That is smaller than both of our dogs.

Why a pig??  It probably seems crazy, but my hubby and I have both always wanted one.  So we decided now was as good a time as ever!  Pearl lives indoors.  She has a kennel that she sleeps in with her litter box, her bed, and her food and water.  Yes, that’s right.  She is litter box trained!  When it is warmer, we’ll potty train her to go outside in the backyard.  We also have a teeny, tiny pig harness to take her for walks.  And she has two sweaters to wear.  She is getting used to them, but I wouldn’t say she loves wearing clothes!


Pearl in a sweater.  (Excuse the quality – it’s from my phone.)

And in case you are wondering, pigs are actually very clean animals.  Her litter box doesn’t smell.  Truthfully, I was a bit worried that it would.  Her tiny piggy poops dry right up, and nobody has noticed any odor!  She’ll be spayed when she gets a bit older.  She is still a bit small right now.  It is hard to tell her size exactly in the photos, but she is about 6 inches tall and probably 5 pounds.  I’ve been told that she is smaller than what she looks like in photos.  Maybe the photos next to Jonah’s feet will give you some perspective.

She loves to root around for any scraps of food on the floor.  Her favorite place to sleep is in our laps or on the top of your legs when you sit with your legs extended on the floor.  Even better when you lay on the floor facedown, she’ll lay on your extended legs with her nose right on your butt.  LOL!  I need to get a photo of her doing that to the kids.  They think it is hilarious.  Even more so if they fart when she is sleeping like that.  Ha!  Kids!


And look at this smile.  Have you seen anything this adorable today??? (Phone pic again.)

The kids LOVE her.  The dogs and cats tolerate her.  They really didn’t like when she would try to nurse on them when she first came home.  She is so funny walking around the house wagging her little tail and oinking constantly.  She cracks me up.



Lila and Pearl.  (And again.  It is just always handy!!)


She was a little unsure of my camera, but I got some good shots of her yesterday which I have to edit still.  For another blog post I suppose.


Here she was thinking about taking a nibble of Jonah’s toes!




So that’s Pearl.  She has stolen our hearts.  I hope you’ll check back in for updates!


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