Pearly Girly

Everybody I talk to can’t get enough of Pearl.  And frankly, I can’t blame them.  She is super cute!  So cute in fact that I know you are dying to see more photos of her.  Well, your wait is over.


Snuggling with her dad!










This post is photo heavy and text light.  I hope you’ll forgive me.  Would you really be able to read it over all your squealing from cuteness anyway?



Bedtime Books With Lila

I just love this little lady!  She has such a fun personality.  Lila just lights up our lives.  Her brothers and sister adore her, and she adores them!  She has the best sense of humor, and she is always making us laugh.  When she doesn’t get her way, she’ll cross her arms and stick out her bottom lip and give you her saddest puppy dog eyes.

I’m trying to get into the habit of using my camera more often during these dreary winter months, even if it means I take photos inside which I don’t do very often.  So here is a post just about Lila.  Well my hubby is in a few photos, but this was a short photo session of reading a new book before bed.  Thanks for the birthday book, Shannen!


I love this one with her toes on the pages of the book!  That is just typical Lila.  She is always sticking her feet in the book while we read.  Silly monkey!


I’m trying to make it a point to capture the tiny little details in my photography.  As with any art, I think we are constantly growing in our art form.  I’m trying to focus on being a little more creative with my photography and step outside of my box.  Do something a little different for me.  And I absolutely LOVE the result.  Look at her tiny little hand.  These are the things I want to remember as she grows.  I swear she was just born.  When did she become a walking talking person with a HUGE personality??



I love her reading to herself!  I might be biased, but she is just the cutest little thing!!


You can tell she is getting sleepy!  Her eyelids look so very heavy!!


Gah!  Those curls and lashes just kill me!!!  Thanks for taking some time to spend with Lila and me!


Introducing Pearl Isabella Gustin

The newest four legged member of our family, Pearl.  Her full name is Pearl Isabella Gustin, so her initials are PIG.  I’ve been calling her Notorious PIG and Piggie Smalls in addition to Pearl.


She is a Juliana pig, so she’ll stay on the small side.  She can get up to 30-50 pounds.  That is smaller than both of our dogs.

Why a pig??  It probably seems crazy, but my hubby and I have both always wanted one.  So we decided now was as good a time as ever!  Pearl lives indoors.  She has a kennel that she sleeps in with her litter box, her bed, and her food and water.  Yes, that’s right.  She is litter box trained!  When it is warmer, we’ll potty train her to go outside in the backyard.  We also have a teeny, tiny pig harness to take her for walks.  And she has two sweaters to wear.  She is getting used to them, but I wouldn’t say she loves wearing clothes!


Pearl in a sweater.  (Excuse the quality – it’s from my phone.)

And in case you are wondering, pigs are actually very clean animals.  Her litter box doesn’t smell.  Truthfully, I was a bit worried that it would.  Her tiny piggy poops dry right up, and nobody has noticed any odor!  She’ll be spayed when she gets a bit older.  She is still a bit small right now.  It is hard to tell her size exactly in the photos, but she is about 6 inches tall and probably 5 pounds.  I’ve been told that she is smaller than what she looks like in photos.  Maybe the photos next to Jonah’s feet will give you some perspective.

She loves to root around for any scraps of food on the floor.  Her favorite place to sleep is in our laps or on the top of your legs when you sit with your legs extended on the floor.  Even better when you lay on the floor facedown, she’ll lay on your extended legs with her nose right on your butt.  LOL!  I need to get a photo of her doing that to the kids.  They think it is hilarious.  Even more so if they fart when she is sleeping like that.  Ha!  Kids!


And look at this smile.  Have you seen anything this adorable today??? (Phone pic again.)

The kids LOVE her.  The dogs and cats tolerate her.  They really didn’t like when she would try to nurse on them when she first came home.  She is so funny walking around the house wagging her little tail and oinking constantly.  She cracks me up.



Lila and Pearl.  (And again.  It is just always handy!!)


She was a little unsure of my camera, but I got some good shots of her yesterday which I have to edit still.  For another blog post I suppose.


Here she was thinking about taking a nibble of Jonah’s toes!




So that’s Pearl.  She has stolen our hearts.  I hope you’ll check back in for updates!

Portrait Project – Week 5

Gah!  I’m so bad at this.  I’m just not taking as many photos as I do during spring/summer/fall.  I need to.  My goal is to not slack off taking photos even if it means they are indoors.

We celebrated a little girl turning two a week ago.  So these photos are actually from last week not this week that just ended.  Enjoy!DSC_8053-6

She always makes me laugh when I take her photo.  She was just doing this silly wide eyed look right before I snapped this.  So it isn’t overly wide looking unless you know her well!DSC_8384-7

Jonah had his first pinewood derby!  THIS was the reason he wanted to join Cub Scouts.  In fact, during the information meeting way back in August the leaders asked if Jonah wanted to make a paper boat (while I listened to the information part), and Jonah promptly responded “No, I came to build a car.”  Ha!  This is the part he has been waiting for for months!  Jarot and Jonah found a skateboard design online, and since Jonah LOVES skateboarding, this was the design.  Jonah took home the “Best Design” trophy!  He was thrilled to have his very own trophy!!DSC_8418-8

For some reason, I had very few photos of Lucas this week.  But I love this photo of them playing on our phones.

DSC_7918-2 DSC_7919-3

And one more just because I LOVE it!!!  Plus it’s my blog, so I’ll do what I want!  And seriously??  How cute are they??




Portrait Project – Week 4

Sorry, everybody!  I need to get on a schedule to get my posts done.  This is technically my 4th week posting my portrait project photos, but I haven’t posted them for 4 weeks consecutively!  Sorry!  We keep getting hit by yucky bugs.  First we had a stomach bug, then I had strep, then we had another stomach bug!  Yuck!  This has been the worst winter for sickness for us EVER!  Hopefully we are done with being sick, but with four kids we just seem to keep passing it around and around!

Link up here if you haven’t already done so!  🙂

Last Sunday we had the MOST beautiful weather!  We took a long hike on the walking path by our house, and we were only wearing sweatshirts and jeans.  And the next Sunday (yesterday) we had a sheet of ice over our driveway!  I prefer the sweatshirt and jeans weather!!  These photos are from our picnic and walk.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo of Hana!  She was laughing at our friend who was talking to her while I took her photo.  I love her crinkly nose, squinting eyes, and her delicate freckles and lashes.  She is so beautiful.  I mean I know I’m biased, but I really think she is just stunning!  And her huge heart is what makes her so gorgeous!DSC_6859 copy

And this guy!  Oh, those blue eyes and dimples!  He is such a charmer and says the funniest things!DSC_6913 copy

This sweet boy isn’t the easiest to photograph!  He likes to do his own thing, and he doesn’t always cooperate when I try to take photos.  He is about to lose his first tooth!  See it sticking out at a funny angle?  I love his gorgeous, chocolate button eyes!!  DSC_6879 copy

And this girl!  Such a little ham.  She has the funniest personality.  The other day I asked her to get me a diaper so I could change her.  She told me “No.  No, thank you!”  Well, at least she was polite about it!  DSC_6808 copy

Thanks for letting me share my little loves!  XOXO!